ShockWatch Label

The ShockWatch label helps ensure safe product transportation by reducing mishandling-related costs through visual alerts for potential accidents during storage and transit.

Visual Alerts for Safer Transit

Designed to enhance accountability and safeguard goods, ShockWatch Labels offer a reliable and efficient method to improve shipping practices and minimize potential damage.

A practical solution for monitoring impacts during shipping, these labels serve as clear indicators of mishandling incidents, allowing for effective assessment of handling conditions.

Upon impact, the label’s indicator turns red, providing a straightforward visual signal.  The transit impact indicator is a visual deterrent and a detection mechanism and also has an omnidirectional shock response.

Clear Indicators of Mishandling

To choose the most suitable impact label, consider the non-operating shock specifications and match the label’s sensitivity to the impact the product and packaging can endure. Alternatively, use the label selection guide, which considers the shipment’s mass and size.

  • Instantly detect mishandling with colour-changing indicators
  • Reliable indicator turns red upon impact or mishandling
  • Detects shocks from all angles during transit
  • Minimise damage-related expenses
  • Promotes careful handling to prevent impacts
  • Attached to exterior packaging for immediate use
  • Choose label sensitivity based on your product’s needs
  • Red indicator signals potential damage
  • Mechanically triggered, ensuring accurate alerts
  • Choose the right label with our size and mass guide
  • Sensitivity Range: 25-100G
  • Duration: 0.5-50ms
  • Tolerance: ± 15% at 20°C/68°F, 1 ATM
  • Operating Temperature: -25°C to 80°C (-13°F to 176°F)
  • Weight (Varies by sensitivity): ~2.37g
  • Dimensions: 3.8 in x 3.8 in (96.52 mm x 96.52 mm)
  • Security: Tamperproof/Serialised (optional)
  • Shelf life: 2 years when stored at standard temperature and pressure (20°C/68°F, 1 ATM)
  • Storage Recommendations: 20°C/68°F, 1 ATM, 0-99% RH Non-condensing
  • Adhesive: Acrylic
  • Customisation: Private logos (Minimum quantity applies)
0 – 1ft3 1 – 5 ft3 5 – 15 ft3 15 – 50 ft3 50+ ft3
0 – 10 lbs L-30 (100G) L-30 (100G) L-35 (75G) L-35 (75G) L-35 (75G)
10 – 25 lbs L-30 (110G) L-35 (75G) L-35 (75G) L-47 (50G) L-47 (50G)
25 – 50 lbs L-35 (75G) L-35 (75G) L-47 (50G) L-47 (50G) L-55 (37G)
50 –100 lbs L-35 (75G) L-47 (50G) L-47 (50G) L-55 (37G) L-55 (37G)
100 –250 lbs L-47 (50G) L-47 (50G) L-55 (37G) L-55 (37G) L-65 (25G)
250 –1000 lbs L-47 (50G) L-47 (50G) L-55 (37G) L-65 (25G) L-65 (25G)

ShockWatch Product Brochure: Download