Ratchet Tensioner

Our ratchet tensioners are robust tools designed for precision securing cargo and materials. These tensioners are built to withstand demanding applications and provide straightforward and reliable load restraint.

Reliable Cargo Restraint

Designed for heavy-duty applications with woven lashing belts 25mm to 50mm wide, the tensioner prioritises user-friendly access through its lightweight design. The wide tension angle optimises tensioning strength while using minimal force.

Use the ratchet tensioner by feeding the strapping through the tool and engaging the ratchet mechanism. Through repetitive pulling and releasing of the tensioner, the ratchet progressively locks the strapping, steadily increasing tension until the desired level is achieved. This mechanism effectively prevents strapping from loosening or slipping during transportation.

Secure Loads with Precision

Built to withstand demanding conditions, our ratchet tensioners are constructed from durable materials, ensuring long-lasting performance. The ratchet design allows for swift tensioning, reducing load securing time and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

The tensioners offer precise tension control and easy adjustments, accommodating various strapping materials and widths. They are operated manually and are suitable for medium to heavy-duty applications. Achieve consistent and secure tensioning, preventing cargo shifts and potential damage during transit.

  • Dependable load security
  • Gradual tensioning mechanism
  • Wide tension angle
  • User-friendly lightweight design
  • Prevents slippage
  • Manual operation
  • Versatile applications
  • Easy adjustments
  • Durable and reliable
  • Strapping width flexibility
  • Cartons per palette: 80 pc
  • Net weight tool: 4.40 kg
  • Gross weight carton: 5.00 kg
  • Dimension carton: 19 x 44 x 15 cm ( 0.01254m³ )
  • Cartons on a palette: 80 ctn
  • Palette size: 120x80x15cm
  • Total weight per palette: 400.00 kg

Spare parts included

  • 2x spring
  • 1x breaker shaft,
  • 2x bearing outside,
  • 2x transmission shaft
  • 2x rotating shaft
  • 1x ratchet left
  • 1x ratchet right

Tensioners Product Brochure: Download