Pneumatic Strapping Tensioner

Our pneumatic strapping tensioner is designed to tension woven polyester lashing and composite straps. This device can strap up to 32mm wide, providing exceptional tensioning capabilities of up to 800 KG/F. The integrated strapping cutter knife ensures seamless and efficient strapping operations.

Efficient and Secure Tensioning

Fitted with triggers, switches, and ergonomic features, the tensioners safeguard operators during use. These safety measures contribute to a comfortable and secure working environment, minimising the risk of accidents or injuries.

The tensioning feature of this tool is adjustable, allowing flexibility to accommodate various package requirements. Moreover, pneumatic tensioners offer swift tensioning capabilities, making them exceptionally efficient for high-volume packaging operations where speed and productivity are crucial.

Tensioners for High-Volume Packaging

Operated with compressed air, pneumatic strapping tensioners generate substantial force to achieve optimal tensioning of the strapping material. Connecting to an air compressor activates these tensioners using a trigger, engaging the tensioning mechanism. This mechanism firmly holds the strapping, effectively applying high tension to ensure maximum stability during packaging and transportation.

  • Optimal tension with the compressed air force for reliable strapping
  • Designed for up to 32mm wide straps for versatile use
  • Exceptional tensioning power for secure packaging
  • Seamless operations with integrated strapping cutter
  • Flexible tensioning to match diverse packaging needs
  • Swift tension application for high-volume packaging efficiency
  • Carefully designed triggers and switches for secure usage
  • Features ensuring comfortable and productive handling
  • High tension ensures stability during transport
  • Connect to air compressor for easy tensioning
  • Size: 32mm
  • Weight: 4.5kg

Tensioners Product Brochure: Download