Leverage Tensioners

Leverage tensioners, or pry bar tools, use a leverage mechanism to apply tension to composite straps or woven lashing belts, making tensioning efficient with less effort.

Enhance Strapping Efficiency

This manual tensioner requires physical force for strapping tightening, and the leverage mechanism simplifies achieving the desired tension. It consists of a handle or lever and a gripping mechanism for securely securing the strapping, pulling and cinching it around the cargo.

The belt tensioners ensure proper tensioning of various components, minimising the risk of failures, slippage, and damage. Leverage tensioners are particularly effective in moderate to high-tension situations. They allow users to apply force effortlessly, thereby enhancing overall efficiency.

Adjustable Settings for Precise Requirements

The cargo tensioners are adjustable with different tension settings. Suitable to use with applications needing moderate to high tension, leverage tensioners accommodate widths up to 25 mm, which is ideal for circular bundles. Use strapping tensioners to enhance load stability during transit.

  • Leverage mechanism streamlines tensioning efforts
  • Requires physical force for strapping tightening
  • Handle, lever, and gripping mechanism ensure secure strapping
  • Fits up to 25mm widths, suitable for circular bundles
  • Effective tensioning improves load stability during transit
  • Ensures proper tensioning for component safety
  • Suitable for moderate to high-tension tasks
  • Allow users to apply more force with ease
  • Cargo tensioners allow precise tension control
  • Size: 32 mm (1 1/4″) x 425mm
  • Weight: 1.5kg

Tensioners Product Brochure: Download