Nitrated Wire Buckles

Nitrated wire buckles are industrial fastening components engineered for durable and secure strapping applications. These buckles are designed to provide optimal performance in heavy-duty strapping tasks, ensuring the reliability and integrity of strapped loads.

Securing Heavy Loads

The buckles are ideal for heavy loads and demanding handling. Engineered to use with polyester strapping bands, they create an effective system for securing cargo during transit. The buckles use a “self-lock” mechanism and corner dent to optimise closure.

The buckles also undergo a nitration treatment, enhancing durability and corrosion resistance for reliable performance in various environments. This combination of slip resistance, gripping power, and treatment advantages ensures lasting and dependable use.

Heavy-Duty Strapping 

These wire buckles can be used for applications in various industries, including logistics, shipping, construction, and manufacturing. They are particularly suited for heavy and bulky loads that require reliable containment. The straightforward design and secure fastening mechanism streamline strapping processes, enhancing operational efficiency and productivity.

  • “Self-lock” feature for slip resistance and optimised holding power
  • Dent or W shape for tighter closure and reduced slippage with strapping belts
  • Specialised nitration process for increased hardness and corrosion resistance
  • High durability in challenging environments
  • Long-lasting performance and reliability
  • Superior slip resistance and maximum holding power
  • Material: Bended steel wire
  • Shelf life: 12 months
  • Wire treatment: Nitriding process that involves the diffusion of nitrogen into the surface of the metal, resulting in the formation of a robust and case-hardened outer layer

Standard Sizes

  • 13mm
  • 16mm
  • 19mm
  • 25mm
  • 32mm

Nitrated Wire Buckles Product Brochure: Download