Flat Stamped Metal Buckles

Flat-stamped buckles made from steel, securely fasten woven strapping belts. Their flat shape allows adjustable fastening. The design enables looping the strap through one end of the buckle and pulling it back through the other to prevent slipping during transportation or use.

Cost-Effective Cargo Solutions

These buckles are manufactured from high-quality steel and offer robust strength and reliability for various strapping tasks. These buckles can be used in logistics, transportation, and outdoor activities. They secure loads on vehicles like trucks, trailers, and roof racks.

When used with polyester woven lashings, flat-stamped metal buckles provide a secure cargo solution during transportation. They’re a cost-effective alternative to forged and welded options, capable of handling loads up to 3 tons. The design’s simplicity also ensures secure threading and tightening of the strap.

  • Ensure strong and reliable fastening of woven strapping belts
  • Easy and adjustable tightening of straps
  • Ideal for logistics, transportation, and outdoor activities
  • Prevents slipping and loosening during transportation
  • Crafted from robust steel for long-lasting performance
  • Affordable alternative to other fastening options
  • Capable of handling weights up to 3 tons
  • Easy threading and tightening of straps for quick use
  • Trusted choice for securing loads on various vehicles
  • Valuable tool for bundling and fastening in different scenarios

Flat Stamped Metal Buckle Product Brochure: Download