Silica Gel

Silica gel is a desiccant with odourless and non-reactive properties. The absorbent beads have a highly porous structure, which gives them a large surface area for adsorbing moisture. They efficiently adsorb moisture and controls relative humidity by up to 40% in enclosed environments.

Effective Moisture Absorption

Desiccants are used in different applications like medication bottles, food packaging, drying flowers, preventing mould in shoes, and electronics packaging. We offer three types: Non-Indicating, Orange-Indicating, and Blue-Indicating.

Non-indicating silica gel, also known as clear or white silica gel, is non-corrosive, non-toxic, and odourless. It is a safe moisture-absorbing agent suitable for food packaging, maintaining its appearance even when saturated with moisture.

Blue-indicating silica gel contains cobalt chloride. It starts as blue when dry and transitions to pink as it becomes saturated. This colour shift provides a clear visual signal of the moisture-absorption level, determining when the silica gel requires regeneration or replacement. It is useful for electronic equipment and visual moisture control.

Combat Dampness and Humidity

Orange-indicating silica gel is a type of silica gel that changes colour as it adsorbs moisture. Initially orange, when dry, it transitions to green as it becomes saturated. This visual indicator helps gauge its moisture-absorbing capacity and indicates when it is time for replacement or regeneration. The moisture absorber uses the organic indicator methyl-violet making it an eco-friendly, non-toxic alternative.

The drying agent can be regenerated by heating it to remove the absorbed moisture. Silica beads have a long shelf life and can be stored for extended periods without losing their moisture-absorbing properties. We subject all our silica gel desiccants to rigorous testing in our QA laboratory, adhering to ISO 9001 certification guidelines.

  •  Efficiently absorbs and manages moisture
  • Odourless, does not emit any noticeable odour
  • Non-toxic and non-corrosive, suitable for various uses
  • Indicating types change colour as they absorb moisture
  • Applicable in packaging, electronics, and more
  • Regenerable for extended use
  • Porous structure offering a large surface area for absorption
  • Long shelf life
  • Includes non-toxic indicator choices
  • Preserves freshness
  • Grain shape: Sphere
  • SiO2 content (%): 99 min
  • Bulk density (g/ ml): 0.7 min
  • Specific resistance (Ω • cm): 3000 min
  • Loss on drying (wt%): 2.0 max
  • Grain size: 2-4 mm beads
  • Equilibrium capacity for water vapour (wt%) at 25 °C
    • relative humidity 20%: 8 mins
    • relative humidity 50%: 20 mins
    • relative humidity 90%: 30 mins

White, Non-Indicating

  • Tasteless
  • Odourless
  • Food-safe
  • FDA compliant
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-corrosive 
  • Non-reactive (does not change colour when exposed to moisture) but appears hazy or milky when saturated
  • Adsorb up to 40% of its weight in water

Blue-Indicating ​

  • Odourless 
  • Non-corrosive
  • Changes from blue to pink when saturated
  • Non-dusting packing in Tyvek desiccant bags is available 
  • Works well for non-dusting packing for electronic equipment
  • Adsorb up to 40% of its weight in water


  • Odourless
  • Heavy metal-free
  • Non-corrosive 
  • Environmentally friendly 
  • Changes from orange to green when saturated
  • Adsorb up to 40% of its weight in water

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