Activated Alumina

Activated alumina as a desiccant has high porosity, thermal stability, and surface activity. Molecules that enter its pores form strong interactions and can only be released through high-temperature heating.

Ensuring Dry Air Supply

Activated alumina remains structurally unchanged when exposed to water, avoiding swelling, shrinking, or softening. Its substantial surface area (350m²/g) enables efficient adsorption of gases like acetylene, oxygen, and methane, as well as fluids like benzene, freon, hydraulic oils, kerosene, transformer oils, and vegetable oils.

The desiccant can be used in pressure swing and heatless dryer systems to ensure a continuous dry air supply with a moisture content below a -70°C dew point. This is crucial for safely transporting volatile gases, as substances like propane must undergo drying to prevent equipment corrosion and potential leaks.

High Porosity and Thermal Stability

Activated alumina is a protective agent, eliminating corrosive acids and safeguarding equipment. It can be used in dehydration and purification processes to produce hydrogen peroxide, natural gas, and gasoline.

It can also be used widely in water purification for domestic, municipal, and industrial purposes, effectively removing pollutants such as lead, arsenic, and fluoride from drinking water. We subject all our desiccants to rigorous testing in our QA laboratory, adhering to ISO 9001 certification guidelines. Contact us for bulk quantities, custom sizes, or special printing requirements.

  • Exceptional capability for various substances
  • Remarkable absorption, ideal for air-drying
  • Releases trapped chemicals at high temperatures
  • Efficient gas and fluids adsorption due to substantial surface area
  • Crucial in pressure swing and heatless dryer systems
  • Safeguards against corrosive acids
  • Dehydration, purification, and water treatment
  • Eliminates lead, arsenic, and fluoride from water
  • Regenerable for prolonged use after moisture exposure

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