Wall Mounted Tank Vent Dryers

Wall-mounted tank vent dryers efficiently remove and dehumidify water vapour from tanks. These dryers can be filled with orange-indicating silica gel desiccant or molecular sieves to remove harmful contaminants.

Effective Moisture Removal

The dryers come with an easily removable desiccant holder, allowing for convenient and uninterrupted refilling of the desiccant during normal operations. A practical observation window made of UV-stabilized transparent polycarbonate or glass is included for easy monitoring of the desiccant’s condition.

To know when the desiccant requires replacement, a colour change indicator from orange to green indicates its saturation with water vapour. Two durable material options for the dryer’s construction are mild steel, treated with phosphate and powder-coated for excellent corrosion resistance, or stainless steel for added protection in highly corrosive conditions.

Robust and Durable Construction

With a substantial desiccant capacity of up to 12.5kg, the dryers deliver efficient and extended operation, keeping tanks dry and protecting valuable contents.

This versatile dryer is suitable for storing various materials in tanks with open or vented atmospheres, providing an effective solution for moisture control. It is available in three sizes to accommodate different tank capacities and discharge rates, ensuring flexibility in different applications.

  • Effective moisture removal and dehumidification of water vapour
  • Utilizes orange-indicating silica gel as the primary desiccant, adaptable to other desiccants for removing harmful contaminants
  • Equipped with an easily removable desiccator for convenient refilling without interrupting operations
  • Practical observation window (UV-stabilized transparent polycarbonate or glass) for easy monitoring of desiccant’s condition
  • Colour change from orange to green indicates saturation and the need for desiccant replacement
  • Versatile construction options: mild steel, phosphate-treated and powder-coated for industrial settings, or stainless steel for highly corrosive environments
  • Suitable for tanks with open or vented atmospheres
  • Available in three sizes to handle various tank capacities and discharge rates
  • Considerable desiccant capacity, up to 12.5kg, ensuring efficient and extended operation
  • Wall Mounted Vent Dryers: Models M605, M610 & M615 Cartridge Dryers
  • Floor Mounted Vent Dryers: Models M620 & M630 Cartridge Dryers 

Wall Mounted Tank Vent Dryers Product Brochure: Download