Reservoir Vent Dryers

Reservoir vent dryers protect storage drums and tanks through an active desiccant bed, effectively removing and retaining water vapour from the air entering the reservoir. The reservoir desiccant dryer is easy to install and comes with orange-indicating silica gel that changes colour from orange to green when saturated, indicating the need for replacement.

The vented dryer can be used with storage drums, tanks, and reservoirs to protect stored items continuously. It prevents fluids from absorbing water vapour and undergoing condensation, which could lead to undesirable physical and chemical changes, rendering the fluids unusable. Field tests have shown that the air vent dehumidifier ensures a safe air space free from condensation within a few hours.

  • Protects storage drums and tanks during operation
  • Uses an active desiccant bed to remove and retain water vapor from entering the reservoir
  • Easy installation with orange-indicating silica gel for replacement indication
  • Requires no energy, providing continuous protection for stored items
  • Prevents fluids from absorbing water vapor and condensing
  • Ensures a safe air space free from condensation in a few hours

Reservoir Vent Dryer Product Brochure: Download