Floor Mounted Tank Vent Dryer

Floor-mounted tank vent dryers offer effective dehumidification and water vapour removal from larger storage tanks with high discharge rates. These vent dryers use silica gel desiccants to prevent water vapour and effectively block harmful contaminants from entering the tanks.

High-Discharge Rate

The tank vent dehumidifier can accommodate up to 50kg of desiccant and is suitable for tanks with a capacity of up to 500,000 litres. It features an easy-to-remove desiccant container, allowing for the replacement of saturated desiccant without disrupting the operation of the vent dryer.

The dryer has an observation window which is made of glass or UV-stabilised transparent polycarbonate enabling monitoring of the saturation status of the desiccant easily. When the desiccant becomes saturated, it changes colour from orange to green, indicating the need for replacement.

Efficient and Corrosion-Resistant

The desiccant tank vent comes in two sizes, accommodating various discharge rates and storage capacities. Additionally, we offer two material options for the tank air dryer: mild steel and stainless steel.

The mild steel version can withstand the challenges of most industrial environments. It features a phosphate and powder coating, providing excellent protection against wear, abrasion, and chemical exposure. On the other hand, the stainless steel variant offers durability and resistance, making it ideal for use in highly corrosive environments and with aggressive materials.

  • Dehumidifies & removes water vapor
  • Utilises silica gel desiccant
  • Eliminates harmful contaminants
  • Up to 50kg desiccant capacity
  • Suitable for tanks up to 500,000 liters
  • Mild steel & stainless steel options
  • Easy-to-remove desiccant container
  • Observation window for monitoring
  • Color indicator for replacement
  • Customisable sizes available.
 A (Flange)  2 inches  3 inches
 B  340 mm  50 mm
 C  400 mm  560 m
 D  250 mm  355 mm
 E  60 mm  –
 J  30 mm  30mm
 K  250 mm  254mm
 L  360 mm  520mm
 M  495  mm  495mm
 Weight  55 kg  101.1 kg

Floor Mounted Tank Vent Dryer Product Brochure: Download