Silica Gel In-Line Desiccator

Silica gel in-line desiccator is an economical solution that offers high flow capacity for low-pressure applications.  The desicant dryer can handle a maximum pressure of 20 psi and comes in 5 sizes: 60gm, 100gm, 150gm, 200gm, and 300gm. It houses indicating silica gel and has a 25-micron (nominal) outlet filter.

The desiccator includes 1.5 meters of PVC tubing and tube inserts. To ensure proper operation, the inlet air must be free from liquid water and clean. It is refillable and can be supplied with alternative connections as required.

  • BL/D6927/01: 60GM / 85.0(DIMN ‘A)
  • BL/D6927/02: 100GM / 115.0(DIMN ‘A)
  • BL/D6927/03: 200GM / 215.0(DIMN ‘A)
  • BL/D6927/04: 300GM / 300.0(DIMN ‘A)
  • BL/D6927/05: 150GM / 165.0(DIMN ‘A)

In-Line Dryer BLD10787-01-03 Product Brochure: Download