Insulated Box Liners

Insulated box liners are economical and reusable containers that maintain cold or hot temperatures for extended periods during transportation.

Temperature Maintenance for Transportation

Constructed from thermally resistant materials, these thermal boxes have thick walls filled with insulating materials reducing heat transfer via conduction. These containers provide thermal shielding by reducing heat transfer between the contents and the environment.

They prevent the entry of warm air and minimise heat transfer from the environment, contributing to effective cold preservation. Similarly, when used for hot items, they prevent heat loss to the surroundings, thus maintaining the items’ temperature. The thermal barrier bags are suitable for shipping various frost-sensitive products and work well with cooling agents like dry ice and ice gel packs.

  • Efficient temperature control
  • Thermally resistant design
  • Effective heat reduction
  • Optimal preservation of cold
  • Versatile for hot and cold use
  • Built-in carrying handle
  • Duration:  48 Hours
  • Internal Volume: 4.9 Litres
  • System Weight: 1.6 lbs
  •  System Weight w/Dry Ice Fill:  9.8 lbs
  •  Internal Dimensions: Length: 170 mm
  •  Internal Dimensions: Width: 170 mm
  •  Internal Dimensions: Height: 170 mm
  •  External Dimensions: Length: 268 mm
  •  External Dimensions: Width:  273 mm
  •  External Dimensions: Height: 283 mm