Thermal Liner

Thermal liner is designed for use within shipping containers to protect cargo from damage caused by humidity and temperature changes during transit. Compared to refrigerated containers, the thermal insulation layer is reusable, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly during transit, making it a sustainable choice.

Humidity and Temperature Protection

Insulated lining shields cargo from humidity and temperature fluctuations during transportation. The cargo temperature shield helps maintain cargo temperature through insulation, creating a temperature difference of 10-20ºC between the cargo’s interior and the container. This prevents issues like mould, corrosion, and condensation-related damage.

Isothermal cargo cover also minimises dirt and odours, thus reducing the expense of cleaning the container’s interior. Thermal protection can be assembled in around three minutes without needing tools and fits standard shipping containers. The thermal cover can be used for various products, including food, chemicals, clothing, machinery, and vehicles.

  • Shield cargo from humidity and temperature changes
  • Maintain cargo temperature with a 10-20ºC difference
  • Defend against damage from condensation
  • Minimise cleaning costs and efforts
  • Setup in around 3 minutes, no tools required
  • Fits standard shipping containers
  • Ideal for food, chemicals, clothing, and more
  • Reusable, energy-efficient, eco-friendly
  • Outperforms refrigerated containers

The 4 types of EMBATUFF containers available are:

  • EMBAPANEL (Reusable) without floor- Isolation Ranks: Extreme
  • EMBATUFF 130 (Reusable) – Isolation Rank: Maximum
  • EMBATUFF 55 (Reusable) – Isolation Rank: High
  • EMBATHERM (Not Reusable) without floor – Isolation Rank: Medium

Thermal Liner Product Brochure: Download