Temperature/Humidity Data Loggers

Ambient data is crucial for many industries. Monitoring ambient data changes is essential during the transportation and storing of items. The temperature/humidity monitoring enables organisations to respond to any impactful changes as they occur. Data Loggers are used for measuring and recording temperature changes or humidity and can measure data at well-defined intervals in the packaging. The recording data loggers then store that data in their integrated memory.

What to Look for While Searching for Temperature/Humidity Data Logger?

When searching for a suitable temperature or humidity data recorder, there are different features to consider, such as measurement type, different ambient data combination, measurement results repetition, the accuracy of results, battery life, and transmission path — offering a wide variety of Temperature/Humidity Data Loggers. Many industries require monitoring and precise measurement of temperature/humidity, such as the food and beverage industry, transportation and logistics, and many more.

At Om Mas, we offer a full range of high-quality Data Loggers for different requirements to monitor temperature/humidity values. They provide highly accurate measurements regardless of the field of application. We also feature rechargeable Data Loggers. With various storage options, many of these instruments can record measurements without a power supply.

  • USRIC-8 Single-Use Data Logger
    The USRIC-8 Single-Use Data Logger is a cost-effective solution for the measuring and recording of r
  • TRIX-8/TRIX-16
    The LogTag TRIX -8/TRIX-16 is a versatile, wide range, multi-trip temperature recorder capable of re
  • TempU Temperature Recorder
    The TempU Temperature Recorder is a single-use and cost-effective solution that optimises the cold c
  • LOG.IC Temperature Recorder
    The LOG.IC is a single-use USB temperature recorder designed to provide a low-cost solution and help
  • In-Transit Temperature Chart Recorder
    DeltaTrak’s In-Transit Temperature Chart Recorder is used to record the time and temperatures enco
  • In-Transit Real Time Loggers
    In-Transit Real-Time Data Loggers are a range of devices that can track the location, temperature, a
  • In-Transit PDF Loggers
    The FlashLink® PDF In-Transit Logger is a range of compact, single-use data loggers that provide us
  • In-Transit Loggers
    The In-Transit Logger is a comprehensive range of compact and single-use devices ideal for monitorin
  • In-Transit BLE Loggers
    In-Transit BLE Loggers are a comprehensive range of temperature and humidity data loggers incorporat
  • LogTag HAXO-8
    The LogTag HAXO-8 is a Temperature and Humidity Data Logger that measures and stores up to 8000 sets
  • Dickson Chart Recorder
    The Dickson Chart Recorder enables the recording of humidity, temperature, and pressure. The data re