Easy-Cut 1500

Easy-Cut 1500 Series

Compared to other Easy-Cut safety knives, the Easy-Cut 1500 Series features a single precise blade depth setting, making it suitable for users of different skill levels while ensuring that products are free from damage. It is widely applicable for opening all packaging materials, such as shrink wrap and plastic packaging. Unlike the “Blade Vanishing Technology,” which retracts the safety knife automatically, the Easy-Cut 1500 is incorporated with a spring-blade retraction system instead, which retracts the blade only when the handle is released. This product provides retailers and distributors with another option to eliminate the multi-blade depth setting found in other Easy-Cut series. However, this does not affect the Easy-Cut 1500 to prevent product damage when used by users of varying skill levels. With a lanyard system and snap-on holster that rotates 180-degree, users can quickly access and secure placement on belt loops. The cutter also has a dual-sided guide, making the tool a user-friendly product for both left and right-handed users, allowing them to make accurate and precise cuts.

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