Granules Packaging Machine

Granules Packaging Machine

The Granules Packaging Machine is designed to efficiently pack and seal small granule products such as sugar, potato chips, ground coffee, rice, tea, snack food, and other non-food products at high speed. Incorporated with a volumetric dosing system, it allows the automatic packaging of powder-like substances instead of manual packing by hand.

Optional accessories are available to be integrated with the machine for different product needs. Such accessories include:

  • Additional Bag Forming Tube
  • Deflation Device
  • Full #304 Stainless Frame
  • Finished Products Conveyor Hot Stamping Date Coder
  • Gas-Flushing Device
  • Heavy Bag Holder
  • Strip Packs Device
  • Perforation Jaw Feature
  • Specially for small granule products
  • Efficient and high-quality sealing & filling
  • Fully automated, hassle-free
  • Volumetric cup dosing system, precise & effective
  • Reduce costs & time
  • Bag Styles: Pillow Bag/3 Side Seal Bag/4 Side Seal Bag
  • Bag Width: 30 – 190mm
  • Bag Length: 30-280mm
  • Product Characteristics: Granule
  • Dosing System Compatible: Volumetric Cup
  • Filling Range: 1-20ml/20-90ml/22-220ml/200-800ml (only for G420) by option
  • Running Motion: Intermittent
  • Working Efficiency: 20-80 bags/min
  • Date Coding: Hot Stamping Coder
  • Options Available: Perforation, gas Flushing, Hot Stamping Coder, Strip Bags
  • Film & Reel: Max. Reel Width 400mm (15.75”)
  • Power & Voltage: 1.2KW, AC220V/50Hz to 2KW, AC220V/50Hz
  • Dimensions: Refer to Brochure
  • Machine Weight: 250 – 400 kg

Granule Packaging Machine Product Brochure: Download

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