Auto Bag R3200 Automatic Bagger

Auto Bag R3200 Automatic Bagger

The Auto Bag R3200 Automatic Bagger is the ultimate automatic poly bagger for high speed, versatile, and reliable packaging. The R3200 Automatic Bagger can cycle at speeds of up to 80 bags per minute using pre-opened bags on a roll. This bagger works with poly tubing, allowing operators to adjust bag sizes while reducing material usage and costs. With the ability to run bags as small as 2” x 3” to as large as 16” x 32”, the standard R3200 bagger offers absolute flexibility. The larger R3200XL allows for using bags up to 22″ x 36″. The Auto Bag R3200 Bagger is compact and made with quality off-the-shelf components, allowing it to hold up through manufacturing environments and maximise uptime. The Auto Bag R3200 can be equipped with various options, printers, and feeding devices, to maximise and automate the packaging process. The Auto Bag R3200 Automatic Bagger features a 1-year limited warranty extendable up to 5-years with our optional complete warranty.

Operating Benefits

  • 7” colour touchscreen with user-friendly interface and clear prompts
  • PLC with job storage, batch counters, packaging statistics, and login-in levels
  • Built-in self-help diagnostics for troubleshooting
  • Compact design takes up minimal footprint in the packaging area
  • Standard operating height of 34.5” (4 height settings – 30.5”, 32.5”, 34.5”, 36.5” )

Maintenance Benefits

  • Off the shelf modular components for easy replacement
  • Remote networking capability for improved troubleshooting
  • Self-diagnostics ensure quick problem solving
  • Quick service access to all pneumatic and electrical components
  • Comprehensive 5-year warranty (optional), which includes consumable parts & labour

Set-Up Benefits

  • Utilises Auto Bag pre-opened bags-on-a-roll for quick bag size changes and easy set-up
  • Use poly tubing (optional) for lower material costs and the ability to set bag length on the fly.
  • Interface ports to integrate counters, scales, and robotics
  • Adjustable height load shelf (optional) to support the bag during packaging
  • Ceramic heating element for fast start-up

Safety Benefits

  • Low-pressure seal bar closing with obstruction detection
  • Low power consumption design (1800 Watts)
  • Safety cover protects access to the seal bar (when using a funnel)
  • CE compliant design for improved safety and troubleshooting

Operating Options

  • Footswitch
    Instead of using the start button, the cycle is activated via a footswitch. With this option, the operator can have both hands free during the filling of the bag.
  • Hand Activation Sensor
    This sensor detects the presence of the operator’s hand above the loading area. Once the operator drops in the product and removes their hand from the loading area, the machine automatically cycles. This sensor eliminates a step in the packaging process, as the operator does not need to press a button or activate a footswitch to cycle the bagger.
  • Product Detection Sensor
    When the product detection sensor detects the product in the bag, the seal bar closes and seals the bag. The sensor is mounted underneath the seal bar and can be moved along the load shelf.
  • Adjustable Seal Bar Opening
    This option reduces the stroke of the seal bar to be slightly greater than the bag opening, which increases the packaging speed. Ideal when using small bags.
  • Articulating Bag Support
    This option supports the bag during the sealing process. At the end of the cycle, the load shelf tilts down at an angle, dispensing the bag to the next step of the packaging operation.
  • End of Roll Sensor
    This  sensor detects when the roll of bags is nearly empty and stops the bagger from allowing a changeover to a new roll of film.
  • Elevated Machine Frame
    The elevated machine frame is designed for those with bags longer than 24” and who want to put a conveyor underneath it. This option is also used for tall operators who want to pack products while standing, as the loading height would be a great 36”.
  • Increased Pass-Through Size
    For packaging items requiring an opening larger than the standard pass-through, the R3200 can be ordered with increased pass-through size.
  • Bag Open Sensor
    The Bag Open Sensor assures that when a bag is in the load position, it is open and ready to accept product
  • 220V Operation
    With this option, the bagger will work with 220V single-phase electricity. This option is designed for packaging locations that do not have 120V available or those that want to use a lower amperage circuit in conjunction with 220V.

Material Options

  • Seal Flattener Fingers
    Seal Flatteners work to hold bag taut during sealing to minimize wrinkles. Bag in an open position before the bag is stretched for sealing.
  • Air Expeller
    The air expeller is a plate with a foam pad. This device presses against the bag before sealing, removing excess air.
  • Custom Air Expeller
    Designed to work with large bags and products to remove excess air from the bag.
  • Static Eliminator
    This option removes static electricity in the bags; the eliminator neutralizes the static charge and is especially beneficial with thin bags.
  • Adjustable Hole Punch
    Pneumatic punch puts a small perforated hole (flutter vent) in the bag, allowing excess air to escape.
  • Film Perforator
    The film perforator has an upper and lower assembly which creates a vertical perforation along the complete length of the bag. This perforation allows air to vent out of the bag after it has been sealed.
  • Film Guides
    The film guides assure that the packaging material goes straight into the bagger by keeping the film fixed. This option is ideal for narrow bags and poly tubing.
  • Fan Folded Bag Handler
    This fan-folded bag handler is designed for use with large bags folded in a box. A benefit of boxed bags is reduced changeover as more bags fit in a box when compared with bags on a roll.

Poly Tubing Options

  • Bag Maker Assembly
    The bag maker assembly allows the R3200 bagger to use poly tubing, in addition to pre-opened bags on a roll. With poly tubing, the user can change the desired bag length at the push of a button since the bag is made on-demand. The assembly applies a bottom seal to the tubing, perforates, and opens the material before loading. The R3200 will run up to 40 bags/min (dependent on bag size, gauge, and product).
  • Print Registration Sensor for use with preprinted film to centre graphics on the finished package.
  • A Horizontal Perforation option is used to create a perforation on the bag.
  • Seal Bar with Hang Hole
    A seal bar also creates a hang hole near the top of the bag to allow a package to be placed on a retail display hook.
  • Chain Bags
    More than one bag or compartment can be made out of the Poly Tubing before being separated.
    A strip of bags can be made.
  • Tear Notch
    This option creates a tear notch which allows a bag to be easily opened by the customer.

Printing Options

  • Thermal Transfer Printer
    A thermal transfer printer is the right solution to print large text, images, or barcodes on your bag. Our Videojet thermal transfer printers are available in various widths and have a print resolution of 300 dpi to accommodate different printing requirements. Additionally, printing software is available to make print set-up a breeze.
  • Inkjet Printer
    If you need to print small text, date, time, or logos on your bag, then an inkjet printer is the way to go. This compact inkjet printer allows you to print information that is up to 1/2″ high by up to 36″ in length.
  • Label Printer Applicator
    Integrated label printer applicator ties into the warehouse management system to print and apply a label directly on the outside of the bag.

Product Loading Options

  • Fixed Funnel
    The funnel guides the product into the bag. The funnel is mounted above the seal bars and can be used for manual or automatic filling. It is made of stainless steel and comes in a range of sizes.
  • Accumulating Funnel
    The stainless steel accumulating funnel is designed to accumulate parts before being dropped into the bag. This type of funnel is optimal when a feeder is used. The accumulating funnel allows the feeder to keep feeding parts while the bagger cycles. It also ensures that multiple parts get dropped into the bag simultaneously, as the funnel only opens when the bag is in position.
  • Easy Load Bag Opener
    Several features in one. First, this system creates a square or rectangular opening to ease loading the product into the bag. Second, the system physically grips the bag to support heavier products in the bag. Last, the easy load bag opener includes seal flattener fingers, which stretch the bag tight before sealing, minimizing wrinkles in the seal area.
  • Bag Holder
    The bag holder is useful for getting a straight seal when packing free-flowing bulk products. It can also be used as an anti-stick device to prevent light bags from sticking to the sealing bar.
  • Sorting Table
    A prep area is placed on top of the machine, allowing the operator to prepare the products that will be packaged.
  • Sorting Table with Frame
    A prep area is placed over the top of the machine. This provides a space for the operator to prepare the products that will be packaged.

Feeding Options

  • Bowl Feeder Counter
  • Vision Counter
  • Weigh Count Sorting Table
    The Weigh Count Sorting table automatically dispenses the product into the bagger once the target count has been reached. The Weigh Count Sorting Table has an accuracy of 0.003 oz (0.1 g) and a max bucket weight of 6.6 lbs (3 kg).
  • Kit Counting Conveyor
  • Robotic Feeding
  • Interface Port with Cable
    Allows the bagger to communicate to external devices. When integrating the bagger, it can be set to either master or slave mode. This option includes the integration cable.

Outfeed Options

  • Bag Support Outfeed Conveyor
    Instead of a load shelf to support the bag, it is possible to use a bag support outfeed conveyor. This conveyor supports and lifts the bags during sealing. Then the sealed bags are transported to the left or right side of the bagger. The conveyor can also be configured to transport bags backwards underneath the bagger. This conveyor allows the operator to comfortably stand or sit in front of the bagger during packaging.
  • Outfeed Conveyor
    The outfeed conveyor transports bags from the bagger up to table height. With every cycle of the bagger, the conveyor indexes one step. It consists of a horizontal section where the bag is dropped and an inclined section that has a height of approximately 35”. The height and angle of the inclined section are adjustable. The conveyor is made of stainless and equipped with casters. The outfeed conveyor is available in 10″ and 16″ widths. The conveyor can be put in front of the bagger, like in the picture, or to the side of the machine.

Maintenance Options

  • Comprehensive Warranty
  • Light Warning Tower
  • Wifi Interface
  • Spare Parts Kit
    This kit includes basic consumable and replacement parts for the machine. These parts include a PTFE seal bar cover, pressure rubber, and perforation knife.

Safety Options

  • Dual Touch Start Switch
    Two switches must be touched simultaneously for the machine to cycle. This ensures hands and fingers are not in the seal area while the machine is cycling.
  • Safety Circuit
  • Light Curtain
    It prevents the operation of the bagger when the optical detection field is obstructed. It can also be used to trigger the start of the cycle once the obstruction is no longer detected.

Other Options

  • Touchscreen Cover
    A clear plastic cover that protects the touchscreen from dirt, dust, and damage.

Auto Bag R3200 Standard

  • Speed Up: to 80 bags/min
  • Bag Width: 2″ – 16″
  • Bag Length: 3″ – 32″
  • Bag Thickness: 1 – 5mil
  • Seal Bar Opening: Up to 6″
  • Electrical Requirement: 120V @ 15A
  • Air Requirement: 80psi @ 5 CFM
  • Warranty: 1-year limited warranty, extendable up to 5 years
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 34″ x 44″ x 38″ – 44″

Auto Bag R3200 XL

  • Speed Up: to 80 bags/min
  • Bag Width: 5″ – 22″
  • Bag Length: 5″ – 36″
  • Bag Thickness: 1 – 5mil
  • Seal Bar Opening: Up to 11″
  • Electrical Requirement: 120V @ 15A
  • Air Requirement: 80psi @ 5 CFM
  • Warranty: 1-year limited warranty, extendable up to 5 years
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 45″ x 60″ x 46″ – 54″

Auto Bag R3200 Automatic Bagger Product Brochure: Download

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