Dollies Cart & Hand Truck

Move inventory smoothly and efficiently with Dollies. Transporting inventory from one place to another or from one shelf to another in bulk can be time and resource-consuming. The use of a dolly cart enables smooth and efficient moving of stock within and outside the retail store, saving both time and resources. These high-quality tools can easily move various load types and prevent damage to the products during the move. They facilitate excellent and smooth ground mobility yet are compact and accessible. Heavy loads can cause injuries and reduce in-store efficiency. With the use of the max cart and wheel dollies, it is possible to avoid these issues and improve human labour productivity. These moving carts are available in a variety of sizes to cater to various load-lifting and transportation needs.

Find a Wide Variety of High-Quality Dollies and Carts

At Om Mas, we offer a wide variety of high-quality Dollies and Carts that make product mobility smooth, efficient, quick, and cost-effective. Whether for warehouse work or package delivery inventory management, we have the right solution to cater to specific requirements. With extensive experience in the industry, we provide advice regarding selecting the right kind of moving Dolly for a particular retail setting. Our Dollies help make mundane and time-consuming tasks fast.

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  • Mule Hand Truck
    The Mule Hand Truck is designed for transporting Mini-Mules and Jumbo-Mules stacked with products up
  • Mini-Mule Dolly
    The Mini-Mule Dolly is designed to offer easy mobility and efficient access to product inventory, im
  • Jumbo-Mule Dolly
    The Jumbo-Mule Dolly is a four-wheeled flatbed dolly weighing only 6 lbs. Compared to the Mini-Mule
  • Dolly Handle
    The Dolly Handle is an optional accessory designed to connect the Mini-Mule Dolly and Jumbo-Mule
  • Max Cart
    The Max Cart is designed to provide a firm, comfortable grip and improved safety with its sway-back