Forehead Thermometer

Forehead Thermometer

Early fever detection is undeniably an essential preventive measure to prevent the further spread of disease and ensure faster treatment. The forehead disposable thermometer is an easy-to-use, accurate and quick temperature monitoring solution made from the latest colour changing technology. Backed with years of proven research, manufacturing support and designed to prolong the shelf life, these forehead thermometers are an essential device in any pandemic, flu, or emergency first aid kit.

Why Use Disposable Thermometers?

The Disposable Thermometers are FDA registered thermometer labels capable of ensuring one’s safety. Forehead thermometers are technology-based liquid crystal temperature monitoring tool which provides a simple, yet cost-effective solution for one’s temperature monitoring needs. This device monitors temperature readings throughout the day by placing it on the forehead indoors for approximately 15 seconds to obtain an accurate reading.

When to Use Disposable Thermometers?

Manufactured in the USA, these thermometers are incorporated with adhesive-backed paper in both the single and multi-use versions. While the single-use option can be discarded immediately, the multi-use labels can be reused up to 5 times before being disposed of. It can be used in applications such as hospitals, schools, manufacturing facilities, and warehouses. Disposable thermometers are cost and time effective solutions to monitor the temperature while maintaining appropriate social distancing.

Directions For Use

Forehead Thermometers should be used indoors and at room temperature. Avoid direct sunlight and intense heat when taking temperature. For a more accurate measurement, temperature taking should not occur if an individual has been eating, drinking, or exercising within the last 30 mins due to the possibility of temperature fluctuation. Remove the adhesive backing and apply it to the centre of the forehead. Hold the thermometer on both ends and press it firmly on the dry forehead for about 15 seconds. Once the crystal stops changing colour, the reading is ready to be taken. A green light signals a correct temperature.

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  • Incorporated with Liquid Crystal technology
  • Adhesive-backed paper
  • Single or multi-use
  • Fahrenheit & Celsius scale
  • Made in the USA

Available in 3 different models:

  • P430 – Forehead Temperature Thermometer
  • C-8786 – Dual Scale Forehead Thermometer
  • C-8720 – Dual Scale Forehead Thermometers

Displays temperature in Fahrenheit or Fahrenheit & Celsius scale.

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