Food Packaging Bags & Pouches

Used to protect food from exterior damage, slow down deterioration and extend shelf life, Food Packaging Films are multilayer structures made up of three to 12 layers of polymers. Known for their mechanical and physical properties, the films generally protect against surrounding oxygen and moisture. Not only can it be used in the Food & Business industry, but packaging films are also highly applicable and relevant in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Highly customisable, Food Packaging Films can be made up of different layers. The combination of these different layers increases the shelf life and provides additional properties such as high stiffness, a high level of transparency, and allowing heat sealing applications. Common factors to consider when choosing the packaging film for food products include strong moisture and oxygen barriers and print quality.

The compositions of food packaging films often include PET, ALU, Nylon, and VM, each with its unique characteristics. At Om Mas, the type of food packaging films can be customised according to one’s requirements. To prolong the shelf life of food products, Om Mas’s O Sorb (Oxygen Absorber) is packed into individual food packaging, such as:

  • Microwavable pouches with a special flap for steam to be released
  • No need for tearing a small slit at the side of the packaging. Users can heat food by placing the entire sealed food package into the microwave.
  • Retort pouches
  • Transparent pouches to allow visibility of the contents inside the bag
  • Zip Lock Bags
    The Zip Lock Bag is a multi-purpose, resealable, and reusable packaging solution available in variou
  • Stand Up Pouch
    The Stand Up Pouch, also known as Doypacks, is a packaging solution capable of standing independentl
  • Retort Pouch
    The Retort Pouch is a semi-rigid, flexible and leak-proof packaging solution made from heat-resistan
  • Moisture Absorption Film
    Om Mas’s Moisture Absorption Film (MAF) is a packaging material integrated with a film and desicc
  • Microwavable Pouch
    Unlike the Retort Pouch, the Microwavable Pouch does not feature an aluminium layer. Instead, it is
  • Gusset Pouch
    The Gusset Pouch is a flexible pouch incorporated with a special material known as “gusset” to i
  • Shrink Wrap
    Cling Wrap is commonly used for wrapping and packaging food and beverage products. These products ar
  • Center Seal Pouch
    The Center Seal Pouch, also known as Pillow Pouch, Back, or T-Seal Pouch, is a low-cost and flexible
  • 4 Sided Seal Pouch
    The 4 Side Seal, also known as sachets, is a lean and concise pouch designed to secure and fill smal
  • 3 Sided Seal Pouch
    The 3 Side Seal Pouch, also known as a flat pouch, is a qualitative and low-cost pouch manufactured