The Wall Mounted Tank Vent Dryer is filled with Envirogel (Orange-Indicating Silica Gel) is capable of removing and dehumidifying water vapour. It can be filled with other desiccants as well for the removal of other harmful contaminants. This vent dryer features an easily removable desiccator that allows the desiccant to be refilled without normal operations and a convenient observation window in the container available in UV stabilised transparent polycarbonate or glass for easy checking of the desiccant. When the Envirogel changes colour from orange to green, it indicates that it is saturated by water vapour and requires replacement. The Wall Mounted Tank Vent Dryer can be made from either mild steel, phosphate and powder coated to provide sufficient resistance against most industrial environments or stainless steel to provide extra protection in a highly corrosive material or the environment. The Wall Mounted Vent Dryer is ideal for storing lots of materials in tanks located in either open or vented to atmosphere. It is available in three different sizes to handle different storage tank capacities and discharge rates and contain up to 12.5kg of desiccants.

Key Features

  • Can be wall mounted
  • Contain up to 12.5kg of desiccant
  • Removable desiccant container for changing of desiccant without breaking the breather pipe connection
  • Clear window for monitoring desiccant charge

Vent Dryers Brochure