VOC Filters and Cassettes


VOC Filters and Cassettes are gas filters filled with chemical adsorbents/ media. Here at Om Mas, we offer these filtration products, designed for easy handling and replacements.

These air clean machines are also available in various models to cater to different air treatment applications.

Particulate Filters

Pro-filters, high-efficiency filters, absolute filters, electrical filters.


A standard frame gas filter incorporated with chemical particulates, the chemifilter is used widely inside air treatment units for industrial applications and is suitable for air deodorization and purifications in public buildings, hospitals, museums, archives, white/ clean rooms, laboratory hoods, ships, hotels, restaurants and many more.


The AP12 and AP18 chemical filtration modules are rugged plastic housings that contain chemical filtration pallets to provide excellent performance with low-pressure drops. These modules minimise maintenance time and operational cost required. It is also available in 4 different sizes to suit all applications and are designed for easy handling and replacement.

Our cassettes can be supplied in pre-filled, direct from our production facilities or refilled through removal caps.

The design of your system would determine which module you would require. Factors that are taken into consideration are:

  • Available space
  • Air-flow volumes
  • Type and concentration of contaminants
  • Desired medial life



  • Filter Specifications
W1250 W2000 W2500
Frame Plastic Plastic Plastic
Chemical Filter Panels 23mm wide with chemical media Panels 23mm wide with chemical media Panels 23mm wide with chemical media
Dimensions WxLxD (mm) 287x592x292 491x592x292 592x592x292
Filtration Area (m2) 0,6 1 1,3
Maximum Airfl ow (m3/h) 1700 2800 3400
Dessing Airflow (m3/h) 1250 2000 2500
Pressure Lost (Pa) 125 125 125
  • Chemical Media Specifications
Alphablend 8A This is our standard chemical media for this filter and consist of a blend of virgin activated carbon and Alphasorb 8, capable to remove a broad spectrum of malodorous and toxics compounds such as hydrogen sulphide, dimethyl sulphide, mercaptans, nitric oxide, formaldehyde and VOC’s among others.
Alphasorb 8 Potassium permanganate impregnated activated alumina spheres for the removal of oxidative compounds such as formaldehyde, ethylene and mercaptans.
Alphasorb 15 Caustic impregnated activated alumina spheres for the removal of chlorine and acid gases such as H2S.
Alphasorb 60 Virgin activated carbon for general odours & VOC’s adsoption.
Alphacarb N Impregnated activated carbon for the removal of ammonia and aminos.
Alphacarb HG Impregnated activated carbon for mercury vapour’s removal.



Available Geometries AP-18 FS AP-18 AP-12 FS AP-12
Dimensions (LxWxH) mm 598x438x144 299x438x144 598x295x299 299x295x299
Pallet Bed Depth mm 25.4 25.4 76 76
Weight kg 3.4 2.0 2.9 1.8
Delivery Unit pcs. 1 2 1 1