VOC Equipments are a range of gas-phase filtration equipment and systems, designed to remove unwanted substances. Om Mas offer these equipments in 5 different models:

Alphachem SF Drum Scrubber

A deep-bed filtration polypropylene made system, the alphachem SF drum scrubber is used widely for deodorization in water treatment, waste and food industry operations.

The system incorporates several beds with the most suitable Alphasorb adsorbent, depending on the characteristics of the product being treated.

With regarding other compact systems of the activated charcoal or biofiltration, provides several advantages:

  • Variations in airflow, relative humidity and temperature do not affect filtration performance.
  • Irrigation of the media is not needed.
  • Pollutants removal efficiency close to 100%.

Alphachem SF units are ideally placed outdoors and can work with natural ventilation (passive configurations) or forced (including fan) ventilation.

Alphachem SFM Air Filtration System

The alphachem SFM filtration system is a modular filtration system with build-in aluminium and steel. It is used widely for the removal of corrosive gases that cost disruptions to control electronics. It can also be used for deodorization or other gas-phase filtration applications.

Alphachem SFM units incorporate modules (cassettes) AP12 or A18 adsorbents, chemical adsorption media, and particulate filters.

The unit is applicable in both natural ventilation (passive configuration) or with forced ventilation (incorporated stage fan).

Alphachem SPV Pressurization Unit

The SPV pressurization unit features an SVertical pressurization system while incorporate with a built-in double-walled galvanized steel, making it used widely for the control of corrosivity in electrical rooms.

SPV units provide pressurization and recirculation air, being possible to regulate the relationship between the two using a servo-controlled gate.

The unit also incorporates models (cassettes) AP12 adsorbents, chemical adsorption media, variable-speed fan motor, as well as particulate filters.

Alphachem PBS Air Filtration System

Alphachem PBS filtration system is manufactured with a deep bed scrubber and built-in stainless steel while incorporated with bulk alphasorb media and particulate filters. These features allow the system to be used widely for the removal of corrosive gases that may disrupt the function of control electronics as well as deodorization or other gas-phase filtration applications.

Options: Redundant blower, ATEX, additional particulate filters, mist eliminator

Alphachem SAP Air Filtration Unit

Purified air units, built-in aluminium or steel, this air treatment unit features sections of high efficiency, absolute and chemical filtration.

Common applications include:

  • Air purification in hospitals and laboratories
  • Purify air supply in cleanrooms
  • Purification of indoor air and odour removal in public buildings, kindergartens, schools, offices, hotels, airports, museums…

Provision of spare parts

Om Mas also offers optional spare parts that users can incorporate into the filtration systems.

  • Demisters
  • Pressure gauges
  • Non-corrosive blowers
  • Frequency variators

Product Features

Alphachem SF Drum Scrubbers

  • Airflow: 1-2000 m3/h
  • Extremely low maintenance
  • Pollutants removal performance: 99.5%
  • Drain valve for the evacuation of condensed water
  • Small footprint compact equipment
  • Suitable for low airflow and moderate to high concentrations
  • Optional: fan, frequency drive, valves, particles filters and a bird screen.

Alphachem SFM Air Filtration Systems

  • Airflow: 10-80.000 m3/h
  • Pollutants removal efficiency 98% minimum
  • 1-4 stages of chemical filtration
  • Self-adjust system for the cassettes to avoid any possible bypass.
  • Horizontal or vertical layout compact equipment
  • Suitable for high flow rates and low to moderate concentrations of contaminants
  • Options: electronically switched fan, touch screen control, pressure gauges, additional particulate filters, mist eliminator.

Alphachem SPV Pressurization Units

  • Airflow: 100-3,500 m3/h
  • Performance for removing gaseous pollutants: 99% min
  • 2 stages of chemical filtration with AP-12 cassettes
  • Small footprint due to its vertical shape

Alphachem PBS Air Filtration Systems

  • Airflow: 10-10.000 m3/h
  • Pollutants removal efficiency 99,9% minimum
  • 1-4 stages of chemical filtration
  • Horizontal layout compact equipment
  • Suitable for low-moderate flow rates and moderate to high concentrations of contaminants

Alphachem SAP Air Purification Unit

  • Airflow: 10-30.000 m3/h
  • Performance for removing gaseous pollutants: 98%
  • Horizontal layout compact equipment
  • Fan
  • Suitable for low to moderate concentration of contaminants.
  • Options: electronically switched fan, touch screen control, pressure switches, additional particulate filters, demister, ULPA filters and electronic filters.