Ultra Clean Desiccators


Ultra Clean Desiccators function to protect equipment against dampness, corrosion, and contamination. Although they are not incorporated with a humidity indicator, the desiccators can be fitted to a humidity indicator or relief valve for panel mounting onto the equipment separately. The desiccator can be filled with Molecular Sieves to reduce the humidity level to acceptable levels. Also, the molecular sieve is suitable for applications where the equipment or enclosure requires a low temperature to operate, and water vapour condensation must not occur.

  • Computer equipment
  • Electronics
  • Electrical equipment
  • Telecommunications equipment

Key Features

  • For Molecular Sieve desiccant only
  • Variety of models available

Selection Guide

The three types of Ultra Clean Desiccators available are:

  • 2g – 8g Refillable Molecular Sieve Filled Unit Ultra Clean Desiccator
  • 10g – 22g Molecular Sieve Filled Ultra Clean Desiccator
  • 3g Molecular Sieve Filled Ultra Clean Desiccator

Ultra Clean Desiccators Brochure