Humi Dri Spool (Continuous Strip Desiccant)


Humi Dri is a high-quality desiccant that ensures that goods are damage-free from moisture and gases. Available in spool forms, also known as Humi Dri Spool, this product is designed to be torn off easily for use. The packaging material of the Humi Dri Desiccant Spool can be made of either Tyvek, Paper, Hard Paper, Clear Plastic, Heatlon, Kraft Paper, Sewn Bags, or Tear-Proof (TP) Fabric. The desiccants in our Humi Dri Desiccant Spools are highly customisable and can be filled with either one or a mixture of desiccants. Our available desiccants include Activated Alumina, Activated Carbon, Activated Clay, Molecular Sieve, Non-indicating Silica Gel, Orange-indicating Silica Gel, and Blue-indicating Silica Gel. Click here to find out more about our available desiccants!