In partnership with Bosch, the SpotBot™ BLE creates a transparent supply chain environment. By attaching the data logger to any shipment, it measures and records temperature, humidity, tilt and shock which can be viewed through a mobile application.

To meet the needs of the company, the data logger allows individual configuration of each parameter. Any violation can be traced with a real-time stamp, allowing for assigning of accountability. This brings transparency to the whole supply chain by giving the initiator of delivery assurance, hence forming trust between partners.

If a parameter threshold is exceeded, the SpotBot™ BLE records objective evidence and reliable indication of possible primary and secondary damage. If there is no parameter violation, this data logger is the proof of an effective and failure-free transport chain.

The SpotBot™ BLE also provides an added value for every logistical effort, therefore creating trust between partners while providing essential data for the optimization of your logistical processes.

SpotBot™ BLE is best suited for applications that involve turbines, transformers, automotive parts, equipment, semiconductors and oil supplies.

SpotBot® BLE Overview


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