Sit & Shop is a shopping cart designed to provide the disabled with easy access and comfortable shopping experience. With a handy, 30 lb capacity basket incorporated to the wheelchair through a locking side-bar, this allows shoppers to select items independently while shopping. The cart also requires minimal maintenance and includes two stabilizing casters and rigid locking wheels for safe and secure mobility.

Sit & Shop Cart is available in two different sizes, 18” and 21”.

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Dimensions: 39” H x 49”L x 30”W
Unit Weight: 56 lbs
Dimensions: 39” H x 49”L x 30”W
Unit Weight: 100 lbs

Key Features

Product Features

  • Easy access
  • Comfortable shopping
  • Handy basket
  • Stabilizing casters
  • Rigid-locking wheels
  • Secure mobility
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Double-reinforced steel

Sit & Shop Brochure