The ShockWatch RFID is an impact indicator incorporated with a passive RFID chip in every unit that can be scanned with a standard RFID reader to detect any damage before entering the assembly line. This allows companies to make use of the inventory tracking benefits of the RFID and the benefits of an impact monitoring program.

Just like the ShockWatch 2, the ShockWatch RFID is field-armable and tamperproof. It also provides visual alerts to handlers by turning red when the product has been damaged or mishandled during transit.

The RFID technology of the ShockWatch helps to improve inventory tracking process in the supply chain and reduce damage up to 60% without the need for batteries and wires. Armed with data, it allows easy tracking of troubled spots in the supply chain and makes changes for improvement.

The RFID allows the receiver to be notified of any potential damaging impact that has occurred during shipping. If the ShockWatch RFID is activated, it will inform the receiver, alerting them for further inspection. Otherwise, shipment can be moved into saleable inventory.

ShockWatch RFID