Rotary Compact Premade Pouch Machine


The Rotary Compact Premade Pouch Machine functions to pack various products such as peanuts, fish, mustard, sauerkraut, puffed food, dried turnip, liquids, and pickled products into premade pouches. Able to open, fill, weight, vacuum, seal and output bags efficiently, the packaging machine also features adjustable settings, a touch screen that enables smooth operation and fully automated customisation to meet different user needs. It also meets the Food GMP Standards, allowing for packing and sealing goods with ease. Additional fillers are available to meet different user needs and enhance the performance of the packaging machine to improve productivity further, making the packaging process seamless.

Key Features

  • PLC touch screen controls, easy to use & operate
  • Fully automated, hassle-free & effective
  • Automated detection of filling, reduce wastage
  • High-quality & aesthetic sealing
  • versatile & applicable for a wide variety of products
  • Meets food GMP standard

Rotary Compact Premade Pouch Machine Product Brochure