Reinforced Aluminium Foil or Barrier Film, is an opaque, waterproof, flexible and heat-sealable laminated material made from aluminium foil sandwiched between a transparent nylon film and multiple layers of heat-sealable polyethene. These layers equip the aluminium foil with moisture and oxygen-proof characteristics. Economical and flexible, the aluminium foil is commonly used for humidity control in shipping or storage packaging bags.

The Reinforced Aluminium Foil is an ideal packaging solution used for sealing and lining of shipping crates to prevent off-gassing and protect shelves from harmful elements in the surrounding environment such as moisture, liquid and gases. The use of aluminium foil also creates a tight sealed enclosed low oxygen environment, capable of eliminating infestation of pest, enhancing the protection of goods.

Key Features

Product Features

  • thermal insulator for cargos and shipment
  • Its material is useful in keeping the rooms cool in summer and warm in winter