Powder Packaging Machine


The Powder Packaging Machine is designed to efficiently packing and sealing small granule products at top speed. It can be used to pack products such as; flour, cocoa, chocolate, chillies, spices, pepper, milk, cosmetics, curries, powdered food and other non-food products. The packaging machine is also equipped with an auger filling dosing system that allows the automatic packaging of powder-like substance instead of manual packaging.

Various optional devices are also available to be incorporated into the machine for different product needs. These devices include:

  • Additional Bag Forming Tube
  • Deflation Device
  • Full #304 Stainless Frame
  • Heavy Bag Holder
  • Hot Stamping Date Coder
  • Strip Packs Device
  • Perforation Jaw Feature

The Powder Packaging Machine is also available in 4 different models, each for different bag types and width.

Key Features

  • Specially for powder products
  • Efficient & high-quality sealing & filling
  • Fully automated, hassle-free
  • Auger filler dosing system, precise & effective
  • Reduce costs & time

Powdery Packaging Machine Product Brochure