Pocket Cutter Elite


The Pocket Cutter Elite is incorporated with a single blade setting, that has the perfect depth for users of all experience and skill levels, assuring and ensuring that products inside are damage-free.

The Pocket Cutter Elite is a palm-sized carton and strap cutter that safely fits in your pocket or can be used like a pen with its built-in pocket clip. Incorporated with a dual safety feature, the Pocket Elite includes a small secondary trigger button that must be squeezed in order to activate the blade. Hence this allows the blade to be stored in pockets, drawers and toolboxes safely without the risk of injury caused by the exposed blade. Once the trigger is released, the trigger causes the blade to retract automatically to its original locked position. For extra protection, the Pocket Cutter Elite features a built-in safety return that overrides the trigger function, enabling the blade to retract upon losing contact with the cutting surface. Once the Pocket Cutter Elite no longer provides a sharp cutting surface, it can be discarded. Small and easy-to-use the Pocket Cutter Elite is the go-to cutter that gives you with the best safety protection.

Optional Feature:

Here at Om Mas, our Pocket Cutter Elite can be equipped with a magnet to adhere to metal surfaces, minimising the time taken to find lost cutters.

Small, easy-to-use and provide the utmost safety protection to users during use, get your Pocket Cutter Elite now!

Click here to watch our video on safety cutters.

Product Features

  • Enhanced blade
  • Precise cutting
  • Auto-retract
  • Trigger lock
  • Safe storage
  • Lightweight
  • Ambidextrous


  • Dimensions: 5.75”L x 0.5”D x 1.5”H
  • Unit Weight: 1 oz

Selection Guide

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Pocket Cutter Elite Pocket Cutter Elite & Magnet
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Blade Vanishing Technology
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Single Blade Depth Setting
Blade Lock
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