Plastic Panel Mounting Desiccators


Plastic Panel Mounting Desiccators is used to protect electrical, telecommunications, electronics and computer equipment from corroding and getting contaminated.

Filled with either silica gel or molecular sieves, the Plastic Panel Mounting Desiccator also features a humidity indicator used to monitor moisture saturation, providing indications when reactivation or replacement of desiccant is necessary.

When the silica gel is fully saturated, the desiccator changes colour from blue to pink, indicating the need for replacement. Silica gel can also be regenerated by heating it at 120 °C or 248 °F for four hours in a ventilated oven.

The molecular sieve, on the other hand, is used to maintain a low relative humidity for extremely sensitive applications. It is best suited for equipment or enclosers that may be subjected to operation at low temperatures, and water vapour condensation must not occur. Desiccants filled with molecular sieve cannot be reactivated.

Key Features

Product Features

  • Incorporates humidity indicator
  • Visual indication of RH level
  • Variety of models available
  • Replaceable desiccant
  • Silica Gel can be recharged through heat

Selection Guide

Selection Guide

The types of plastic panel mounting desiccators available are:

  • 50g Silica Gel Filled Unit
  • 50g Molecular Sieve Filled Unit
  • 30g SIlica Gel Filled Unit
  • 30g Molecular Sieve Filled Unit
  • 10g SIlica Gel Filled Unit
  • 10g Molecular Sieve Filled Unit
  • 1g – 17g Molecular Sieve Filled Unit
  • 5g Molecular Sieve Filled Unit

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