Packing List Envelope


The Packing List Envelope is a waterproof packaging solution which features a self-adhesive liner to help contain the documents needed during shipping and the customer. Its waterproof characteristics make the product an essential as it protects your documents from water damage and helps with identification of your package.





Packings Per Carton

5.5” (O) x 10” 140 mm (O) x 260 mm

1000 pcs

7” (O) x 5.5” 180 mm (O) x 140 mm

1000 pcs

7” (O) x 10.5” 185 mm (O) x 270 mm

1000 pcs

9.5” (O) x 13” 240 mm (O) x 334 mm

500 pcs

10” (O) x 5.5” 260 mm (O) x 140 mm

1000 pcs

Key Features

Product Features

  • Prevents documents from getting wet and damaged
  • Comes with self-adhesive liner to stick on all surfaces