Mega Spill Dust Pan


The Mega Spill Dust Pan is designed to offer a quick and easy clean-up of large spills, excessive dirt and grime on the floor. Made of durable material and structural reinforcements, the dustpan is capable of holding up to a quart of water without flexing. Featuring an angled lip and deep cavity, this ensures the liquid stays put throughout in the dustpan throughout the cleaning process. The front edge is flush with the floor to prevent even the smallest particles from slipping through the cracks.

The serrated, moulded-in ‘teeth’ allows easy removal of stuck-on particles on the broom’s bristles and can be snapped tightly on an upright standard broom to enable easy handling and storage.



Dimensions: 12”W x 16”L x 4.5”H
Unit Weight: 0.45 oz
Number Per Case: 6
Case Weight: 3 lbs


Key Features

Product Features

  • Ideal for spill clean-up
  • Extra-large collection area
  • Holds quart of liquid
  • No-flex material
  • Serrated “teeth”
  • Snap-on handle

Mega spill dust pan brochure