Ethylene covers|MP+S|Pallet covers for pineapples & berries


Ethylene Cover|MP+S|Pallet Covers is designed to prolong the shelf-life of non-refrigerated fruit such as pineapple, by eliminating and removing ethylene and other volatiles emitted by them which causes ripening and maturing of fruits.

By distributing the Ethylene Cover|MP+S|Pallet Covers throughout the reefer containers, it results in a more effective and balanced way to reduce contaminants compared to using tube filters. This does not affect the artificial ripening process.

A cost-effective method which makes the transporting of fruits such as pineapple over a long distance possible, ensuring its freshness and quality.

The Ethylene Cover|MP+S|Pallet is designed for applications that are vulnerable to moisture and require a large volume of granulate. The covers can often be seen used in:

When Ethylene Sachets cannot fit in a box, the Ethylene Cover can be placed on top of the pallets and removed at the destination if necessary.

Use as an additional supplement for container filters. As container filter can only place two filters in the air intake, if there is an increased autonomy or lower balance of ethylene emitted and eliminated is required, the Ethylene Covers is an ideal solution to resolve the issue.

The Ethylene Cover|MP+S|Pallet is used to ensure the freshness of pears, apples and other high-emission products over a long period. Through our technical services, we can deliver to best fitting, perfect-sized cover for each application by considering the duration of storage, the type of atmosphere (AC, ULO, Dynamic), type of fruit, the weight of pallet or bin, etc. By providing even distribution throughout the container, it is based on centralized filtration and is a significant improvement as compared to past solutions. The cost is extremely competitive compared to treatment with 1-MCP.

Ethylene covers|MP+S|Pallet covers for pineapples & berries