Ethylene covers|MFAC|Pallet covers


The Ethylene Cover|MFAC|Pallet Covers is designed to reduce contaminating gases such as ethylene and other volatiles emitted by fruits and vegetables which cause them to ripen, mature and rot at a faster rate. By lowering these gases, it helps to prolong the post-harvest shelf life of the products, ensuring their freshness.

By distributing the Ethylene Cover|MB+P|Pallet Covers throughout the reefer containers, it results in a more effective and balanced way to reduce contaminants compared to using tube filters. This does not affect the artificial ripening process.

The Ethylene Cover|MFAC|Pallet Covers can also act as a supporting absorber for the tube filters. During transportation, products may emit a high level of ethylene such as apples and mangos. In contrast, other products such as kiwi and avocados may require a low level of ethylene for optimal transport.

Ethylene Cover|MFAC|Pallet Covers is used preferably in controlled atmosphere containers, pallets with M.A. covers and air freight containers.

Ethylene covers|MFAC|Pallet covers