Ethylene Absorber Filters 100cm/75cm/50cm


The Ethylene Absorber Filter is made with several unique features which makes it the best performing ethylene filter in the market. It is capable of protecting both fruits and the people that manufacture it. The Ethylene Absorber filter features Gk3, and GK4 granulates that can absorb more than 3 and 4 more litres of ethylene per kilogram respectively. When used with activated carbon, the filter can perform additional functions for specific applications as well.

The available filters are:
EF100 and EF100HC FILTER (100cm)
EF50 FILTER (50cm)

The GK3 and GK4 granulates is explicitly designed to:
Produce minimal level of dust
Achieve high efficiency. Capable of further lowering ethylene level more in comparison to other ethylene filter products
Deliver extremely high capacity without sodium permanganate along with the risk it implies

Its “Easyfit” system incorporates flanged connection into the cap, making the assembling of filter fast and easy.
Bending of a plastic flange, which is hard to pass through the holes in the grid, is not required
Flanges come pre-shaped with a soft curve.

Anchoring the flange allows the cord to enter in four different positions which are proved to be a useful feature when installing the filter in trucks.

A double-sided adhesive is an optional choice to be incorporated to filters to make the installation of the Ethylene Absorber Filter in trucks that have a plastic tube ventilation system more smooth sailing.

Calculating the theoretical absorption capacity required depends on:
The type of fruit
The days in transit
The weight transported.

Remaining capacity measurement: the available filter capacity can be adjusted realistically. We can determine the capacity through the influence of the season of the year and the different level of ripeness in fruits.