Easy-Cut 4500 Series


A user-friendly product regardless of skill levels, the Easy-Cut 4500 Series ensures all users can make precise cuts while ensuring minimal damage to products. Incorporated with a dual-sided guide, this allows both left and right-handed users to be able to use the product with ease. Unlike typical cutters, where cuts must be estimated beforehand to avoid any damages made to the product, the Easy-Cut 4500 allows users to cut at any location on the box without damaging the inner product. It is highly recommended for cutting single wall corrugated cardboard as its single-precise blade setting prevents the user from pushing the blades too deep, which may damage the product. The Easy-Cut 4500 is also applicable for other packaging materials such as shrink-wrap, plastic packaging and more. Incorporated with a “Blade Vanishing Technology”, the Easy-Cut 4500 is capable of retracting its blades automatically once it loses contact with the cutting surface, ensuring users free from any risk of injury. It also features a holster and lanyard, which acts as a blade storage space to allow quick and easy blade change.

Easy-Cut 4500 Series Brochure