Easy-Cut 4000 Series


The Easy-Cut 4000 is a specially crafted and multi-purpose cutter with a radius-tip blade, to allow users to easily open up packaging materials such as boxes, shrink-wrap, plastic packaging and many more efficiently without damaging the products inside.

With the users’ safety in mind, the Easy-Cut 4000 is incorporated with three precise blade-depth settings along with a “”Blade Vanishing Technology”” which allows blades to automatically retract when it losses contact with cutting surface, preventing injuring from happening.

The Easy-Cut 4000 is also incorporated with other unique features such as a unique holster and lanyard, ensuring that the knife is being kept safely. Its dual-sided edge helps both left and right-handle users to be able to make precise cuts, and it also consists of a storage compartment for the keeping of blades, allowing users to replace worn-out blades with ease.

Easy-Cut 4000 is a widely recognized cutter used in many manufacturing facilities and warehouses due to its design which helps to ensure user safety while reducing product damage.

Easy-Cut 4000 Series Overview