Easy-Cut 1000 Series


The Easy-Cut 1000 features a radius-blunt tip blade and multiple blade-depth setting, making it capable of opening triple-walled cardboard boxes with ease while ensuring the inner content of the box is unharmed. It is applicable for various packaging products such as shrink-wrap, plastic packaging and many more.

Incorporated with a snap-on lanyard and holster with 180-degree rotation, it ensures easy access and securement placement on belt loop. This also prevents the repetitive pushing of “switch” unlike typical blades, reducing injury. The Easy-Cut 1000 functions by a simple squeeze of the ergonomic handle, resulting in the blade to extend and retracts once the handle is released.

A user-friendly product, the Easy-Cut 1000’s dual-sided edge guide ensures both left and right-handle users can make precise cuts. It is also incorporated with a storage compartment to store backup blades. This provides fast replacement of blades without any risk of injury.

Easy-Cut 1000 Series Overview