Auto Bag Wide Bagging System


To maximize machine uptime and reduce total cost of ownership, the auto bagger is capable of cycling at speeds over 65 bags per minute. This technologically-advanced, wide automatic filling and sealing machine is specially designed to enhance reliability, flexibility and safety. Configurable for left- and right-hand

access, hand load operations can be operated safely without the need for any light curtains or double calm switches.

Incorporating flexibility into designing the machine, this machine is able to meet the needs of any large packaging operation with its 16” wide bag loading area and is highly compatible with auto bag and third-party counters, scales and infeeds. In addition, operators can adjust the height of this compact machine, allowing operators to use the machine comfortably and efficiently.

This packaging machine is ideal for packaging apparel and accessory, electronics, healthcare, household products, pet products, toys, automotive, hardware and fasteners. To enhance your business productivity, optional features including seal flatteners, raised unwind, Counting System, product load tray, Bags-in-a-box adapter and a range of in-feed funnels can be added and installed as well.

Autobag® 600™ Wide Bagging System Product Brochure