Autobag® 550™ Bagger


An ideal application for mail order fulfilment, catalogue order fulfilment, spare parts distribution and short-run production, the Autobag® 550™ bagger incorporates three processes in itself, filling, sealing and printing of labels. With a bagging rate of 45 bags per minute, the Autobag® 550™ bagger is capable of maximising machine productivity and efficiency and reducing the total cost of ownership in the long run.

Specially designed with very few moving parts, the Autobag® 550™ bagger does not require any light curtains or double palm switches to ensure safe operations. Furthermore, it can be easily configured to suit the needs of any operations. These configurations include, left and right-hand access to the HMI, ribbon loading, roll loading, and cycle switch.



Weight: 390 lbs 

Electrical: 110V to 240V VAC  

Air feed: 5 CFM/80 psi of clean dry air 

Width: 37.6in. (Adjustable) 

Height: 37.1 to 47.1 in. 

Length: 64.5 in. 

Pass through: 5in max  

Bag thickness: 1.09 to 4.0 mil 

Bag sizes: W 2 to 12 in. L 5 to 20 in. 

Weighing Capacity: Up to 5 lbs (with load shelf) 



Key Features

Product Features

  • Multi-position unwind with tension control simplify changeover 
  • Adjustable pass- through up to 5”
  • Modular components to simplify maintenance and repairs 
  • Next – bag printing prevents product queuing and reduces waste 
  • Processor controlled servo motors, ethernet-capable networking, and flexible mechanical design streamline integration 

Autobag® 550™ Bagger Product Brochure