Activated Alumina


Activated Alumina, also known as aluminium oxide, AI2O3 in a solid form. Often used as a desiccant,
the Activated Alumina has a robust nature making it the go-to option for many different purpose and applications.
With a high surface of over 200m2g, the Activated Alumina is able to absorb a variety of different substance from liquids to gas while its structure remains intact while ensuring its structure remains unchanged. One unique characteristic of the Activated Alumina is that is also able to purify drinking water through filtering substances like fluoride and arsenic.

A few common applications of the desiccant include:

  • Catalyst Application, adsorbs catalyst in polyethene and hydrogen peroxide production
  • Fluoride Adsorbent, removes fluoride which enables the purifying of drinking water
  • Vacuum System, acts as a charge material to prevent oil generated from backstreaming into the system

With a high water absorption capacity, mechanical strength and low attrition loss, the Activated Alumina can give a dew point of -70 °C and below when under high pressure. It can also be regenerated at high temperature when exposed to moisture in the long run when stored.

Key Features

Product Features

  • Physical appearance does not change
  • Large surface adsorption area 
  • Ideal for use in heavy industrial applications


Activated Alumina Brochure