1Kg Molecular Sieves & Silica Gel In-Line Dryer (100 PSI Working Pressure)


The 1Kg Molecular Sieve & Silica Gel In-Line Dryer is used to reduce the water vapour content in compressed air or process gas pipelines. With a working pressure of up to 100PSI, the dryer can be fitted with any drying mediums to suit your needs.

Offering a flow rate of between 25 to 100 litres per minute depending on variant and filtration, the colour of the drying medium changes to indicate that absorption has reached its limit and requires a change



Nominal Desiccant Content: 1KG
Operating temp: 100 PSI max
Proof pressure : 200 PSI max
Nominal outlet filtration : 25 micron 


1Kg Molecular Sieves & Silica Gel In-Line Dryer