Ommas has a variety of solutions to help protect against moisture damages for your products. Click below to find out more.

  • Data loggers
    Data loggers
    Data loggers record real-time temperature, impact, humidity, vibration, tilt, and location for analysis purposes.
  • Desiccant Breathers
    Desiccant Breathers
    Control Moisture and Contamination with Desiccant Breathers. Desiccant Breathers offer the most cost-effective and ef...
  • Humidity Control
    Humidity Control
    Ensure Appropriate Humidity Levels with Humidity Control Solutions. Maintaining appropriate humidity levels within sp...
  • Humidity Indicators
    Humidity Indicators
    Monitors and indicates humidity levels inside packaging containers or enclosures w...
  • Moisture Absorbers
    Moisture Absorbers
    Ensure Damage-Free Transportation of Products with Desiccants. Protect products against moisture in the atmosphere wi...
  • Packaging Materials
    Packaging Materials
    Additional forms of packaging to provide even greater protection to your products

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