Load Securement

Load Securement

Load Securement helps to ensure safety of involved personnels in the perimeter by securing cargo firmly for transportation.

  • Container Awning
    Container Awning
    The solution to prevent goods from falling out of containers upon opening.
  • Dunnage Bags
    Dunnage Bags
    Dunnage Bags help to absorb impact and vibrations in cargo during transportation and can be reused several times.
  • Edge Protector
    Edge Protector
    Edge Protectors help to protect every corner of your product during handling, shipping and storage.
  • Pallets
    Pallets provide a stable platform to support goods when being lifted by a forklift, crane or other vehicles.
  • Reefer Lock
    Reefer Lock
    A reefer lock is used to secure cargos onto the reefer container floor.
  • Slip Sheet
    Slip Sheet
    Slip Sheets are a cost-saving alternative to pallets and are made from multiple plies of strong kraft linerboard.
  • Strapping Band
    Strapping Band

    Strapping Bands or Strapping Belts are used to bundle (or band) items together as one unit, to strap an item to a ...

  • Tensioners

    Tensioners are great for tightening the strapping bands for greater securement of loads.

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