Anti Rust Powder

Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) powder is a corrosion inhibitor that shields metal surfaces from corrosion. These inhibitors are substances that, when applied near a metal surface, create a protective layer that hinders corrosion.

Anti Rust Solution

The anti-rust solution is designed to emit volatile corrosion inhibitors in vapour or gas form, which can spread and adhere to the metal surface. This layer helps prevent corrosion by inhibiting the interaction of the metal surface with moisture, oxygen, and other corrosive elements in the environment.

VCI powders have various uses, including lay-up preservation and safeguarding equipment in storage. They are particularly valuable for equipment that undergoes hydrostatic testing before storage. In mothballed facilities, VCI powders ensure machinery remains functional, allowing for swift production resumption when needed.

Robust Metal Corrosion Prevention

VCI powders can be conveniently packed into pouch emitters to protect metals within an enclosure. Each pouch emitter can safeguard up to 15 cubic feet of metal without creating mist or requiring spraying.

Applying the corrosion-inhibiting powders is simple and can be done by dusting, sprinkling, or fogging within an enclosed space using a low-pressure air hose. Alternatively, they can be dissolved in water for application. We provide VCI powders that are safe, environmentally friendly, and free from phosphates, heavy metals, and nitrates.

  • VCI powders shield metal surfaces from corrosion effectively
  • Designed to emit volatile corrosion inhibitors in vapor or gas form
  • Suitable for lay-up preservation, equipment storage, and more
  • Ideal for preserving equipment post-testing before storage
  • Ensures machinery remains functional during idle periods
  • Can be packed into pouch emitters for easy application
  • Applied through dusting, sprinkling, or fogging in enclosed spaces
  • Free from phosphates, heavy metals, and nitrates
  • Facilitates quick restart after storage
  • Safeguards up to 15 cubic feet per pouch emitter
  • Nox-Rust VCI Powder 1000SF
  • Nox-Rust VCI Powder 1000SFG
  • Nox-Rust VCI Powder 1010SFG
  • Nox-Rust VCI Powder 1015