Packaging List Envelope

Packaging list envelopes are water resistant with a self-adhesive liner containing necessary shipping and customer documents.

Tamper-Proof and Weather-Resistant

Our packaging list envelopes offer efficient document protection for shipments. Made from durable materials, they ensure clear visibility and safeguard important paperwork. With easy peel-and-seal closures, they streamline packaging processes.

These envelopes have a back loader to secure invoices, packing lists, and other papers during transit. The envelope’s panel face has a window for the shipping address, aiding package identification. Despite environmental conditions and shipping rigour, the adhesive ensures attachment to surfaces like boxes, paper, metal, plastic, or stretch film.

Elevate Logistics with Durable Freight Document Bags

Available in various sizes, these envelopes accommodate different document dimensions. Whether for shipping or organizational purposes, our packaging list envelopes ensure reliable document containment, minimizing the risk of damage or loss during transit.

Printed panel face envelopes feature a top bar for visibility, printed full-face envelopes provide more concealment and plain envelopes offer transparency. The freight document bags can be used for eCommerce, valuable documents, logistics, and exports. Customisation options are available for tailored solutions to meet specific requirements and preferences.

  • Safeguard documents from water damage during shipping
  • Back loader design ensures document security against tampering
  • Panel face window aids package address recognition
  • Adheres to diverse surfaces like boxes, paper, metal, plastic, and stretch film
  • Irreversible closure enhances security in transit
  • Simplify shipment with clear packing list sleeves
  • Choose from printed, concealed, or transparent envelope types
  • Freight document bags for eCommerce, valuable items, and exports
  • Customisation to meet unique preferences and needs


 Packings Per Carton

 5.5” (O) x 10” (140 mm (O) x 260 mm)

 1000 pcs

 7” (O) x 5.5” (180 mm (O) x 140 mm)

 1000 pcs

 7” (O) x 10.5” (185 mm (O) x 270 mm)

 1000 pcs

 9.5” (O) x 13” (240 mm (O) x 334 mm)

 500 pcs

10” (O) x 5.5” (260 mm (O) x 140 mm)

1000 pcs